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Decisions, Decisions

As an honest, smart judge, Frank Fadol had one flaw. He agonized with making  decisions. I always wondered why he chose the profession that required him to make many important decisions daily. Frank, fastidious about his person and dress, also … Continue reading

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“I will pay you 25 cents an hour if you feel like you can keep up with the men in the field”, Uncle Big Buddy offered his seven-year old nephew. Thinking about how much 25 cents could buy in 1940, … Continue reading

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Tennis in Paradise

By my sixty-eighth birthday I still did not even know how to score the game. What did love, deuce and ad mean? Why were there ad courts and deuce courts? What was all this stuff about ad in ad out? … Continue reading

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A Win at Any Cost

As Jerome F. McClusky Jr. entered Antoine’s restaurant for lunch this hot July day with his son Jerome the third and a potential client, his personal waiter, Arnard greeted them. “I see we are three for lunch today gentlemen. The … Continue reading

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Childhood Obesity

Nowadays I hear a lot about childhood obesity. I am sure it a serious problem. From what I can learn, the causes seem to be too much fattening food and too little exercise. This epidemic causes me to contemplate my … Continue reading

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