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No Child Abuse in Russia

After about an hour with our pleasant “judge,” who was obviously well-connected with the “Party,” we concluded her main function was to present an appearance of representing a judicial system. After all, according to her, Russia had no crime or social ills for her to deal with anyway. The local Communist Party leaders could take care of any other needs the citizens had. Our study of the Soviet judicial system had been brief and unrevealing. We now had time to explore what we could of Moscow. Continue reading

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We Arrived at the Hotel Russia

Last time, our group made its way to Moscow via England and Sweden and survived the bureaucratic indignities of the officials at the airport. We are now on our way to our hotel where the hotel personnel will act more … Continue reading

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No Mirth in Moscow

On our bus ride to the hotel we first met Sonia, our guide, caretaker, and I assumed representative of the KGB. She would attempt to assure that we only saw what we were supposed to see. Sonia would also indoctrinate us on life in Russia—according to the script she had been given. She spoke excellent English. A lean, but sturdy redhead, in her forties, Sonia spoke with the authority and certitude of a former Russian Army officer. Continue reading

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