Judge Tom was born in North Louisiana but his family moved to New Orleans, The City That Care Forgot, when he was nine years old. He likes to say he was born a Redneck, but raised a Creole. He has spent half his life in courtrooms as a trial lawyer, prosecutor and judge. His Louisiana roots and courtroom adventures prompted him to write short stories about these experiences. Some of these tales were published in his local Florida newspaper after the editor of this paper took a shine to his stories. Although the stories are based on his experiences, some–like any good Gumbo–are embellished with a little spice.

Sometimes he departs from the Courtroom sagas and muses about current happenings that interest him. Many of these accounts appeared previously in a column entitled, VOIR DIRE: To Speak the Truth.

I hope my readers will enjoy the little yarns I spin in this blog. If you do, please tell your frends and relatives–at least the relatives you still talk to.

My intent is to post a story every Saturday or more frequently as circumstances may demand.

I wish to thank all the people who have crossed my path and given me inspiration for these little tales.

But most of all I wish to thank my talented wife, Karen, who encouraged me to write this blog and actually created it with loving care. Karen also edits my stories, otherwise my readers would be subjected to improper grammar and bad spelling.